Joomla Consulting

Through competent advice and a thorough analysis, possible growth and improvement potentials can be discovered.

  • Market analysis

  • Customer analysis

  • Target group analysis

  • Usage analysis

  • Communication strategy

  • ROI Analysis

  • UX/UI Analysis

  • Performance Analysis

  • Performance measurement

Analysis and consulting

The analysis is the basis for the Joomla consulting. The understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses is an integral part to identify and implement necessary adjustments.

You have already had a website realized with Joomla because you were told that Joomla is cheap, easy to use and simply unbeatable? But now you start to think and ask yourself: "This is supposed to be the simple CMS? Where can I change something? Is this done right at all?". We want to take these uncertainties away from you and spare our new customers such problems right from the start through good advice and sensible planning!

You have to know the single parts of the Joomla system to be able to understand it as a whole. This is an important requirement for your project. The more complicated your tasks are, the more urgently you need someone with an overview. For this purpose we first break down your requirements into their individual parts and compare them with the possibilities of the Joomla system. During this phase we separate those tasks that are easy to implement from those that are more difficult to implement. The complex tasks require our special attention, because mistakes are likely to creep in. It also still happens to us that we offer too complicated and expensive solutions for problems and overlook or do not know the simplest variant. But thanks to our expertise and the constant search for the optimal solution, we are confident that we will be able to provide even better advice and an even better solution for your next project.

What is done at the Joomla consulting and analysis?

ROI Analysis

ROI stands for "Return of Investment" and is the time after an investment is recouped. Depending on the project, the goals for an investment are very different. For example, if your site is used as a cloud to provide documents, this will relieve your support staff and save you time. If, on the other hand, your website is used to map business processes, this can also lead to an increase in productivity. We support you on our site with calculations for time and cost savings.


It's not uncommon for the well-intentioned project to reach a dead end at some point. The dead end usually proves to be not flexible enough and is characterized by limiting innovation. This happens in many ways. Why this situation occurs is less important than the question of how to remove this restriction. For this purpose we examine the current structure of your site, analyze the problems and suggest alternatives. If necessary, we rethink the whole process and reverse decisions. Most of the time we reduce the amount of extensions and replace them with Joomla own functions or create smaller functional units and thus increase flexibility.

UX/UI Analysis

UX stands for user experience and UI for the user interface. These are important aspects to increase customer satisfaction and also the satisfaction of your employees when using your website. The satisfaction will be influenced by many factors. The shortest possible path to the goal is achieved by reducing the number of steps required and by increasing the speed of execution. Also by correctly set signals, the user experience can be positively influenced. This analysis can increase the potential of your site and lead to more satisfied customers and employees.

Competition analysis

What makes your competition so successful? Why does your competition have more sales with fewer visitors? Why does the competitor's site load faster? Which system does my competitor use and should I use? How do we manage to get ahead of our competition in google? Many of these questions can be answered by making a thorough analysis.

Communication strategy

What you think of your site is not as important as what the customer thinks of your website. The customer should get the feeling that this site is trustworthy. If you lose this trust by little things, then you will lose customers as well. It is not for nothing that every year, the website is renewed and adapted in design to meet the prevailing fashion tastes and trends. The customers recognize and smell very fast whether a web page is maintained and on the basis the impression, also many conclude on the condition of your company. If your site looks old, worn out and has errors, this will be directly associated with your company.

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