Joomla hacked?

Not only do we clean up your Joomla site after a hack, but we also close the security holes and try to take measures so that your site cannot be attacked so easily.

  • Thorough security check

  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities

  • Webspace Check
  • Server Check
  • Log Analysis

  • Hoster Check

  • Joomla Experts

  • 11 years of experience

  • Maintenance contracts on offer

Hacked Joomla page?

All complex and widespread content management systems are particularly popular targets for hackers. Joomla as the second largest CMS in the world is particularly affected by this problem. Security checks require a lot of experience, expertise and thoroughness. It is not enough to just delete the hacked files, you also have to find the weak point in the system. If this vulnerability is not found in Joomla, it can be used again and again to damage your site. We offer you security checks in different variants. The first variant is completely based on automated tools. The files and databases of your site are scanned and analyzed. We take over the cleaning and evaluation. For business critical websites we also offer a more complex analysis of the problem.

If your site has been hacked, mistakes have been made in several places. The used extensions and its programmer, the webhoster, the webdesigner and the site operator play hand in hand. It is enough that one of these actors makes a mistake and the whole system is insecure. All these actors have a duty and should do the best they can to prevent this from happening. But the site operator has a special duty of care. If you as a site operator have rented the cheapest hoster, hired the cheapest web designer, used every extension in Joomla indiscriminately and, beyond that, have not made any updates, then a hacked Joomla homepage is no wonder.

Then there are the hackers. Most of the time they are not even any human being, but small programs that search for security holes in the different systems en masse. If there is a vulnerability, a script is automatically inserted. Depending on how secure the remaining parts of the system are, the bots can then be more or less successful. It happens that some websites have been infected for months but no damage could be done because other measures prevented this.


  • Unpatched Joomla

  • Unpatched extensions

  • Weak passwords

  • Bad web servers


  • Attack DDos

  • SPAM

  • Competition

  • Bot Nets

  • Disadvantages in SEO

  • Legal consequences

  • Blacklisting

  • Viruses and Trojans

Prevent hacks!

A few simple rules will help prevent your Joomla site from being hacked. This includes always updating Joomla on time and using strong passwords. Also, access data should not be spread too much, passwords should not be stored on the computer and an htacces protection for the Joomla backend should be created. In the following two links, which show impressively what can happen if you don't maintain your pages.

What is done during the Joomla optimization?

Switch off

If your site has been hacked, it must be shut down immediately. Most of the time the page is already blocked by the web host. However, there are also web hosters who do not recognize a hacked website and thus cause far greater damage. The actual security check only starts after the shutdown.

Security Analysis

A security analysis includes checking the web server, installed extensions and log files. Due to years of experience we can give a quick assessment and localize the virus quickly.

Security check

We offer special tools that search your site for certain code components. This will report base64 or hexadecimal lines of code as suspicious. We then go through the entire list of files found and analyze them. Any file found to be corrupt is removed.


Most of the security holes are in outdated extensions and in Joomla. We are updating these extensions, so that at least the security holes in the extensions are closed. Joomla is also updated.

Webserver & access data

If a current and clean Joomla installation is hacked, this may be due to the web server and the used Apache, PHP or MySQL version is outdated. Possibly problems on operating system level can also lead to hacks. Badly configured servers can be a problem. Often passwords that are too weak and trojans on computers are also a major weakness that leads to hacking of your site. For example, FTP data is tapped by Trojans and the malicious files are loaded directly onto the server. With such problems, even the most secure CMS cannot prevent a hack.

Change Webhoster

As with many providers, there are better and worse web hosting companies. There are many reasons to consider changing your web host. For one, it is always advisable to change if the performance is fundamentally wrong and is characterized by poor support, poor performance and poor technology. Some webhosters cannot keep up with the growth and demands of the companies and fall by the wayside. Another reason could be the web host's lack of innovation. Partly one notices also after a conclusion of the contract that the web space in this form is not suitable for complex CMS like Joomla. Also here you can profit from our experience as Joomla agency, since we know most webhosters. We will gladly help you with the move to a new webhoster.

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