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Templates for Joomla

When deciding to have a website created, the new design and layout is a very important aspect. This design and layout can be fully effective when converted into a dynamic Joomla template. Only then it is possible to customize individual pages with a few clicks to your own wishes, without having to recreate an entire page each time. Joomla offers many functions to make the template as dynamic and flexible as possible. The concept of the modules is developed to integrate content at any position on your website. In addition, an override system was developed, which makes it possible to adapt other extensions in the output. This makes it possible that the whole page looks like a unified whole. With different styles, you can create different colored areas, for example. Technically, all the necessary basics are there in Joomla, so we can bring your design and layout to life.

What can Joomla Templates do?

  • Responsive Joomla Template

    Responsive templates describe a technique that makes it possible to adapt the output of the website to many output devices with a single base. This technique can be used for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops and even different resolutions. Advantage over previous techniques is that you don't have to maintain different websites for the mobile and desktop version and can do this with only one base. Furthermore, this technology is now indispensable, considering the number of devices. We use these responsive CSS and HTML frameworks to create Joomla templates.

  • CSS & JS Frameworks

    Whether Bootstrap, Uikit, Skeleton, SemanticUI or Foundation. All these CSS and JS frameworks have the goal to serve the diverse device landscape on the one hand and to make life easier for the web designer on the other hand. These frameworks provide grids, slideshow, tabs, sliders, tables and much more. No matter which framework you have chosen, we can program the appropriate Joomla template for you.

  • Joomla 3 Template

    We develop templates only for the latest Joomla 3 version. Thus we guarantee the highest possible stability and security.

  • PSD to Template

    We convert your ready-made design into a Joomla template. You can send us various graphic formats, such as PDF, AI, EPS, SVG and other formats on request. We will then check how suitable the design is for implementation with a responsive framework.

  • Template adjustments

    We also adapt already existing templates. The possibilities depend very much on the template used. Most of the templates can be adapted later in the design, new module positions can be added, overrides can be adjusted and various optimizations can be made.

  • Joomla Overrides

    Using overrides you can adjust the output of almost every extension in Joomla. If your used gallery extension does not look ideal yet, you can change this with Overrides. If an extension has a different CSS and JS Framework, you can unify this with overrides. The possibilities are not only limited to the design and can even take place on a functional level.

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